Once upon a time

In 2015, amidst the laughter of a lifelong friendship, Awa and Véronique planted the seeds of what was destined to become CanEmpire. Envisioning a world where cannabis wasn't just accepted but celebrated, they turned their vision into major plans, already certain their mark on the cannabis landscape was inevitable.

After years of dedication and passion, 2019 became the year they turned their dreams into action, launching CanEmpire alongside their visionary partners.

CanEmpire is more than a brand; it's a manifestation of young entrepreneurs' relentless drive to innovate and redefine the cannabis experience. It's about breaking down barriers and creating a space where cannabis enthusiasts can find entertainment that truly resonates with them, all while fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for cannabis and culture.

From its inception, CanEmpire has been a story of ambition and creativity. It's where dreams are cultivated and the future of cannabis entertainment is being reimagined. Welcome to CanEmpire – where every moment is an adventure, elevated.


CanEmpire is a Canadian company that creates unique cannabis-friendly experiences in a dynamic and open environment.

At CanEmpire, we try to fight the stigma surrounding cannabis that persists despite its legalization in Canada through our various educational and entertaining projects. To do so, we rely on contributing to the population’s knowledge on this subject.

Within the company, ambition, innovation, open-mindedness and happiness are our keywords!

Meet the CanTeam

Behind every CanEmpire project is a dedicated and passionate team of dreamers: the CanTeam!


 the “always extra - CEO

Awa is CanTeam’s spokesperson and not just because she loves to talk! With her great confidence and experience in radio communications, she is always on hand to represent CanEmpire in the media. No dream is too big for her!

Interview with Awa

  • For you, CanEmpire is...All about passion!
  • Your specialty in the company : Communication & Marketing
  • Your favorite quote : “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
  • You can’t live without: Traveling 
  • Your favorite cannabis strain : Headband


The “funny guy - Vice-President

Mathieu is CanTeam’s chief prankster! With Math, there’s no reason not to have a good laugh! His great charisma and creative spirit are essential assets allowing the company to constantly renew itself in its various projects and ideas.

Interview with Mathieu

  • For you, CanEmpire is...Lots of happiness! 
  • Your specialty in the company: Operations & Development
  • Your favorite quote: It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary
  • You can’t live without...? : Humor
  • Your favorite cannabis strain : Afghan Kush


The "lovely intellectual" - COO

Véronique is the sunshine of the team! With her contagious good mood, Véro brings a warm atmosphere to the CanTeam and is always ready to motivate the troops! Her legal knowledge and her rigorous work ethic allow her to bring CanEmpire’s many projects to a successful conclusion.

Interview with Véronique

  • For you, CanEmpire is... : Innovation!
  • Your specialty in the company : Sales and Management 
  • Your favorite quote : Don't wait for opportunity. Create it! 
  • You can’t live without...? : Traveling 
  • Your favorite cannabis strain : Girl Scout Cookies