The Ultimate CanGame

We have gathered all the BEST party games in one and, as always, added our 420 touch to it! Containing 5 amusing game modes and 200 cards, it is sure to light up all your sesh parties!

Our game is 100% related to weed! No random boring cards at all! The whole thing is 420-friendly and/or intended to propulse your brain higher. Our team is made of real cannabis passionates, in all its forms, and you will definitely be able to feel that immense passion through our game. Plus, partying is what we do best! Mixing our knowledge of cannabis culture with a pure entertainment game is what makes this project so original.


  1. First, gather 3 or more players.
  2. Shuffle the 200 cards together.
  3. Taking turns, each player must draw a card & read it out loud.
  4. Then, follow the situation written on the card.

And... that's about it!

38 cards

Most Likely

Everyone at the same time must point to the player who’s most likely to accomplish the scenario on the card.

38 cards

This or That

Each card features 2 scenarios. Everyone at the same time must choose their preferred scenario by showing 1 or 2 fingers to the rest of the group. The minority takes a hit. When tied, you decide!

38 cards

Voting Time

One after the other, every player must vote according to the scenario on the card and explain their choice to the group.

38 cards

Never Have I Ever

Every player who has done the scenario on the card takes a hit.

38 cards


Perform the scenario on the card.

10 cards

Group Hit

Everyone takes a hit together while following the scenario on the card.

30 Cards

Expansion Pack | Would You Rather

Would You Rather is the very first expansion pack for The Ultimate CanGame. These 30 additional cards will boost the original game and take you even higher!

Open the discussion! Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to choose between Scenario 1 or 2 and start an unstructured conversation about the group's choices.

*When the card mentions to take a hit, gently note that we're only talking about hits of air! We want you to get fully oxygenated and that’s all! ;)